Method for using a CryptoCurrency Wallet as an Identity Provider including Multi-Factor Authentication

Ongoing IP disclosure by Strength in Numbers Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit digital trust

The 2GIVE (https://2Give.Info) cryptocurrency project has identified a method for using a cryptocurrency wallet as an Identity Provider including Multi-Factor Authentication.

In one manifestation, the wallet provides an in-menu button that launches a web-browser taking the user to a predetermined website. The system can pass a public key as part of the HTTP get or post method and receive a challenge string that can be digitally signed by the cryptocurrency wallet and pass back a Digital Signature (DSS) to the website, providing for the equivalent of a “mutual auth” like login experience

In other pluralities if the wallet is locked, the user would be prompted for a password prior to digitally signing the challenge / response.

In other pluralities the user could use a biometric unlock of the wallet prior to digitally signing the challenge response.

This IP is hereby placed into the public domain as a means of developing defensive prior art.

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